The Learning Curve Teacher User Manual is the hard copy format of the Student Wellbeing Program.

The Learning Curve Student Wellbeing Program provides strategies to build more resilient students, develops their character strengths and provides you with the resources to help them. Based on positive teaching models the program assists students to achieve more positive learning outcomes.

The resources are presented in such a way that you can choose to use the full program in sequence on utilise the various components of the program when your class timetable allows.

By becoming familiar with the Weekly Focus topics you can simply choose one or more of the Lesson Components to create a lesson plan which fits the time you have available. With aims and objectives, exercises and worksheets the program will reduce your work load and enable you to deliver the program with confidence.

The individual resources can also be used to enhance existing programs in school, generating new ideas and saving you time.

The resources include: 

  • Lesson Components
  • Interactive Thinking Tools
  • Character Strength Activities
  • Habits of Mind Focuses
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Wellbeing Reflection Activities
  • Weekly Wellbeing Builder
  • Parent Newsletter Articles





  • Size: 210mm wide x 297mm high