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    Education in the 21st century is seeing our teachers’ time and focus on their core business of learning and teaching having to compete with numerous other expectations, programs and policies. The purposes of providing these lesson plans are to:

    • alleviate the pressure of preparation for our teachers so that they can be at their professional best
    • build inclusive learning environments in which all students reflect on and share their experiences
    • build students’ learning power for life - learning how to learn
    • cultivate resilient, resourceful and reflective lifelong learning habits
    • focus on the social emotional development of students
    • enable a community of learners with students and teachers building their learning capacity together

    For every Weekly Wellbeing Builder and for each specific focus such as Multiple Intelligences, Habits of Mind or Emotional Intelligence, etc. there is a detailed lesson plan to assist and support teachers to teach the Learning Curve Student Wellbeing Program.

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Key Lesson Components

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KLP: Character Strengths
KLP: Cyber Bullying and Safety
KLP: Elements of Wellbeing
Emotional Intelligences