Resilience Builders

  • Research in the areas of Positive Psychology and building Social - Emotional resilience indicates that to cultivate positive growth mindsets in young people and to future proof them against mental issues requires frequent opportunities to use their Character Strengths, self-assess, set self-expectations and experience positive emotions.

    Students need to understand and be mindful of their emotions in building relationships, know and use their signature character strengths and habits of mind in their thinking. They need to develop problem solving and positive coping strategies, be able to self-calm with positive and assertive self -talk and know how to seek help when they need to.

     This collection of Resilience Builders is designed to assist students in achieving the above.





  • Years 3-4 Resilience Builders
    Years 5-6 Resilience Buidlers
    Year 7-8 Resilience Builders
    Year 9-10 Resilience Builders
    Year 11-12 Resilience Builders